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  • Review the medical records and cover letter prior to the claimant arriving for the scheduled appointment.
  • Have the claimant fill out a questionnaire that asks questions about history of the accident, treatment, tests, medications, past medical history and present complaints.
  • There is no doctor – patient privilege for an IME.  You will not discuss your findings with the claimant.
  • You are not automatically authorized to take x-rays or other testing that will cost more than your IME fee.  You must call and obtain approval for the extra fees.
  • Always provide a complete, fair and objective evaluation of your findings.
  • Always submit a typed report that consist of detailed history, review of medical records including diagnostic testing review, review of physical examination and the conclusion answering all of the questions that were included in the cover letter that was submitted with the medical records.
  • Timely reports are essential in this business.  We must have your report sent to our office within 3 – 5 business days of the appointment.
In order to schedule appointments with your office, we will need the following information sent to our office as soon as possible:
  • A copy of your W-9 form
  • A copy of your Curriculum Vitae
  • A copy of a sample IME report
  • Completed Physician Fact Sheet
  • Proof of Malpractice Insurance
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