chiropractic IME Virginia

chiropractic IME

Independent Medical Evaluations are used to address, assist and resolve questions relating to a claim, e.g. causality, return to work, need for future treatment, and permanency.   Our physicians will review medical records, take a detailed history from the claimant, and perform a comprehensive objective evaluation.  Following the evaluation, a detailed report will be prepared, answering the requested issues/questions.

  • We understand that your reputation is on the line each time that you use an outside vendor
  • We customize our procedures to fit your needs
  • We handle all of the IME/Diagnostic functions to reduce the stress of the adjuster, nurse case manager and/or attorney
  • Easy and Convenient referral process
  • Experienced staff that is knowledgeable in meeting your needs
  • Competitive pricing for IME’s, Peer Reviews and Diagnostic exams
  • Continually provide “fresh choices” of providers who are experienced with IME’s and not overused in the Industry
  • Quality Assurance department reads each medical report to ensure that your questions are answered and for compliance with any state specific regulations.
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