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Independent Medical Evaluations are used to address, assist and resolve questions relating to a claim, e.g. causality, return to work, need for future treatment, maximum medical improvement and permanency. Our physicians will review medical records, take a detailed history from the claimant, and perform a comprehensive objective evaluation. Following the evaluation, a detailed report will be prepared, answering the requested issues/questions.
We understand that your reputation is on the line each time that you use an outside vendor

We customize our procedures to fit your needs
We handle all of the IME/Diagnostic functions to reduce the stress of the adjuster, nurse case manager and/or defense attorney
Easy and Convenient referral process – email us, fax us or call us
Experienced staff that is knowledgeable in meeting your needs
Competitive pricing for IME’s, Peer Reviews and Diagnostic exams
Continually provide “fresh choices” of providers who are experienced with IME’s and not overused in the Industry
Quality Assurance department reads each medical report to ensure that your questions are answered and for compliance with any state specific regulations.
RKI handles everything for you. We will have someone come to your office to copy the medical records. We will confirm the appointment date and time with the claimant and/or their counsel to ensure that they show for the appointment. If an interpreter is needed to ensure proper communication between the claimant and the physician, we will make the arrangements. If the claimant is unable to drive to the appointment, we will arrange for transportation to the appointment. The driver will pick up the claimant at their home, take them to the appointment, wait for them and then drive them home from the appointment. Our Quality Assurance department will sort and tab the medical records to send to the physican along with the cover letter outlining the specific questions that you are looking for the physician to address.

After the appointment, we will notify the adjuster, defense attorney and nurse case manager that the claimant showed or failed to show for the IME appointment via email. We will follow up with the physicians office on a daily basis to obtain the IME report. Once we receive the IME report, the Quality Assurance department will review the report to ensure that all of the issues are addressed. Once we are satisified that all issues are addressed, then we will forward a copy of the IME report to the adjuster, defense attorney and nurse case manager.

If the physician states that the claimant will be at MMI in a certain number of weeks, we will send you a reminder email to see if another IME appointment is needed. If the physician recommends any diagnostic testing, we will be happy to assist in obtaining the script from the treating physician, scheduling the testing and sending the testing results back to the IME physician for an addendum. We take care of everything for you!

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