Work injury evaluation

Work injury evaluation


At RKI Claims Specialists, it is our mission to always ensure that our customers’ needs are taken care of. That we exceed their expectations by providing supervisory level support at the initial contact and throughout the entire referral process. That whatever problems may arise, we will deal with them in an professional and prompt manner. Finally, we want to ensure that our customers never regret using our services.


– Always listen to our customers: Our purpose is to exceed our customer’s expectations each and every time. We strive to determine what other services that we can provide in the future that will make the adjuster’s job easier.
– Develop a highly knowledgeable and quality team: We have built our team to consist of knowledgeable and customer driven professionals. The team really cares about fulfilling the needs of the customers. This is what sets us apart. We care and really want to do a good job!
– Maintain the highest level of integrity: We strive to conduct ourselves with the highest level of respect for the person that we are speaking with, whether we are dealing with our customers or the injured worker or their counsel.
– Maintain Ethical Practices: We strive to maintain a high standard of conduct for all of our employees as well as for the physicians that are hired to conduct the medical evaluations. Our physicians are given a Code of Ethics for performing Independent Medical Evaluations. Ensure that we hire qualified, highly credential physicians: We consistently hire physicians that are Board Certified in their fields. We credential our physicians to ensure that their licenses and insurance are up to date.
– Educating our customers: We continually offer Continuing Education Units to our customers as a way to keep their adjusters and case managers up to date on the latest changes or just as a refresher course.

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